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UW-Green Bay

The History of UW-Green Bay Collection includes 400 images that represent a cross-section of this campus’s history and evolution.  They document the campus selection site, construction of all campus buildings, student life, academic activities, political activities, visitors of note, commencement ceremonies, and other campus traditions.

The collection may eventually include additional books, manuscripts, sound recordings, photographs, maps and other resources deemed important to the study of our campus. The materials included in this rich and growing collection were selected by archivists and librarians.  

For more information about UW-Green Bay’s history, contact the UW-Green Bay Archives & Area Research Center.


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Before 1908



About the Collection

The Cultural Landscape of the UW-Madison Campus image gallery was developed as a research tool to support a two-year effort to inventory and assess cultural landscape resources on the University of Wisconsin-Madison main campus. The study will culminate in November 2005 with the publication of a Cultural Landscape Resource Plan. This plan will provide university administrators with direction for preserving and managing these culturally significant places.

Given the constraints of the two-year research schedule it was not possible to review all sites on the campus that have historic, cultural or archaeological significance. The selection of images, maps and site plans reflects our primary interest in eight campus sectors:

  • Bascom Hill
  • Library Mall
  • Memorial Union Terrace
  • John Muir Park
  • Camp Randall Memorial Park
  • Henry Mall
  • Observatory Hill
  • Agricultural campus

In addition to historic images, this collection also contains 25 text-based volumes that provide insight into the University's history and development. Resources include materials that document campus landmarks, the history of housing at UW, campus planning and architecture, and more!


About the Collection

The Center for Limnology is a research facility affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Center for Limnology was established in July 1982 to plan, conduct, and facilitate inland freshwater research. The Center grew out of almost one hundred years of limnology at the University initiated by E.A. Birge and Chancey Juday, who founded limnology in North America through extensive descriptive and comparative studies. Our roots were further developed by Arthur D. Hasler, who led the way in experimental limnology and facilitated four decades of aquatic studies at Wisconsin. Our present program builds on these approaches and has expanded to include long-term studies, synthesis, modeling, Great Lakes research, and application to resource management and environmental issues.

This image collection is a depiction of three generations of limnological research in Wisconsin. The collection mainly focuses on the important pioneers of limnology, Dr. Edward A. Birge, Chancey Juday and Arthur D. Hasler, research laboratories, and field equipment. A significant portion of the 125 images are from the photo archives of the Center for Limnology Library. Additional photos of historical significance were obtained by permission from the Wisconsin Historical Society archives.


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Daily Life






About the Collection

History of UW-La Crosse

The History of UW-La Crosse Collection includes resources that document the history and evolution of this campus. The collection includes published material as well as archival materials and may eventually include additional books, manuscripts, sound recordings, photographs, maps and other resources deemed important to the study of our state's university system and its campuses. The materials included in this rich and growing collection were selected by librarians, scholars, and other subject specialists.

For more information about UW-La Crosse's history, contact the UW-La Crosse Special Collections and Area Research Center.


About the Collection

Friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Library

The Friends of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Library is one of the oldest university library friends groups in the nation. In the half-century since its formation during the university's centennial, the organization has supported the continuing excellence of a great research library system.

This online collection includes Friends of the Library publications.

Libraries, the magazine of the UW-Madison Libraries, is published annually in the spring and is distributed across the country. The magazine highlights people, programs and collections of the UW-Madison Libraries, its role in the life of a great university, and the significant support of Friends and donors.

Friends News is published three times a year -- in June, September and December. The newsletter, distributed locally, focuses on recent library acquisitions and upcoming Friends events at the UW-Madison Library.

For more information about the Friends, visit http://www.library.wisc.edu/friends.


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