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How To Use The Aldo Leopold Archives

Most users with a scholarly or general interest in Aldo Leopold will find that the Detailed Contents List provides the best access to the collection. It describes each file series and, within each series, each box and folder in the collection, and there are links from the description of each folder directly to the digitized material in those folders. Navigating from the Detailed Contents List is thus the best way to determine which material might be of interest. It is also the best way to keep track of where one is in the collection in order properly to cite the material (see Guidelines for Citation) and to find one's way back to particular items of interest.

Users who are primarily interested in whether Leopold had any connection with a particular person, place, or topic will likely want to use Search the Full Text, which will quickly display references to that name or topic from throughout the collection. It should be noted, however, that this search function works only with printed or typewritten material, not handwritten, and much of Leopold's correspondence (especially with his family and closest friends) is handwritten, as are his journals, diaries, and field notes.

Users interested in photographs may use Search Photographs to display images of a particular person, place, or topic. This function searches the identifying material included with each image, which might or might not include the particular words selected by the user for the search. To examine the photographs more systematically, one may gain access to most of them through the folders described in the Detailed Contents List, Iconography files 3-1. There are also photographs in some of Leopold's journals in series 9/25/10-7, in albums in series 9/25/10-9, and among new additions to the collection in series 9/25/10-13, as well as a few scattered in other files.

The Aldo Leopold Foundation website and publications from time to time feature certain archival materials and suggestions for using them in various educational or interpretive contexts. The website also provides links to materials regarding the archives developed by other scholars or institutions.