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Housewife Day

Did you know that today is National Housewife Day? To celebrate this quirky holiday you might take a look at a few photos of classic Badger Housewives from the Badger Village Sections of our University of Wisconsin Collection.

Housewife Day (an officially unrecognized holiday as far as we can tell) celebrates the importance of stay at home wives and moms. The term housewife dates as far back as the 13th century according to the Oxford English Dictionary and is often used to describe a woman whose main occupation is managing a household.

There are several publications in the UW Digital Collections containing domestic guides for women and girls, instructing them how to best manage daily household duties. Take a look at Playing House: Homemaking for Children to learn more. On the UW Madison campus once stood a a Home Management House where students lived for two weeks in order to apply budgeting and household management skills. You can see images in Home Economics to Human Ecology: A Centennial History at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.



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