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Adventures in Local History Digitization

Today we thought we should alert everyone to the WLA conference coming up in November. Some of our very own from the UWDC will be giving presentations.

The conference, titled Raiders of the Lost ARCs (and Public Libraries): Adventures in Local History Digitization, will be held on Nov. 3 in Wisconsin Dells.

Steven Dast and Catherine Phan, from the UWDC, will give a presentation on the challenges and downfalls of trying to maintain and digitize local histories.

Also presenting is Leah Ujda, from the UWDC, with Jamie Stoltenberg, from the Robinson Map Library, on an important project for Wisconsin. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there is a collection of aerial photographs of the state, the oldest in existence. The University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center, the Robinson Map Library, the State Cartographer's Office, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation received a three-year grant to scan and geo-reference the collection. They are also building a web space to house the information. Ujda and Stoltenberg's presentation will describe the project and discuss certain details.

It should be an interesting event. Hopefully we will see some of you there!


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