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Exploring the Chipstone Collection

On Monday, I asked our Facebook Fans what collections they would like to hear more about or share with other users. We had a couple people mention our Decorative Arts collection, so today I will share with you more information about, in particular, our Chipstone Collection.

The Chipstone Collection contains more then 1,250 digitized images of beautiful ceramics, furniture and prints dating from the 17th to early 19th century. The objects belong to the Chipstone Foundation, which was created in 1965 in part to preserve and interpret the decorative arts collections of Stanley and Polly Stone of Fox Point, Wisconsin.

This image on the left is a beautiful piece of furniture found in the collection. This desk and bookcase dates back to the 1750s and is attributed to John Welch. This piece is made of mahogany and is intricately carved with great detail.

This piece on the right is part of the ceramics collection. This harvest jug also dates back to the 1750s and is attributed to John Hockin. The jug is pale red-brown earthenware and is extremely detailed. The piece has a unicorn and a lion holding the Royal Arms with the initials GR for George II. Also below the handle the rhyme:

now I am come for
to Supply your workmen when
in harvest dry when they do
Labour hard and Sweat good drink
is better fare then meat also
in winter when tis cold I like
wise then good drink can
hold both Seasons do the
Same require also most
men do good drink desire
John Hockin

This collection is great for furniture enthusiasts and people who appreciate great craftsmanship. The collection also has prints that show views of Boston and other U.S. cities during the 1700s.

The Chipstone Collection is only one part of our Decorative Arts Collection. Dig around a little and you never know what you could find. Let us know what you think!


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