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It's All About Love

As I'm sure we all know, today is Valentine's Day. We want to celebrate by highlighting everything love related in our collections.

First lets start with this image of Love Rock in the Wisconsin Dells. The image was taken in 1908, and is part of our Brittingham Lantern Slides Collection. I couldn't find any information out about this Love Rock or the history behind it but maybe you know the story. Care to share with us?

Maybe for Valentine's Day some of you sang a song, wrote a song, made a mix tape or used music in some way to make the day romantic. Well did you use this song? I Love Her Just the Same is a song from 1896 found in our Wisconsin Sheet Music Database. The chorus starts off: I love her, yes I love her just the same. If you didn't add this to your music selection, you might want to think about it.

Or some of you may have received flowers from your significant other. Were they as pretty as these? These flowers are from our Bowles's Florist book in the Decorative Arts collection. The book contains images of flowers with instructions on how to draw and color them according to nature. The flowers are beautiful maybe you can find the ones you received in this book.

Today is really just about celebrating love. So take a moment to celebrate who you love or what you love.


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