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Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela

Today we are celebrating Nelson Mandela's birthday with a look at images from our Africa Focus collection.

Nelson Mandela was an anti-apartheid activist and the former President of South Africa. On his birthday, we thought we would highlight images surrounding the 1994 elections. These were the first multi-racial elections to be held in South Africa. The African National Congress won the vote and Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the country's first black President.

On the left is an image of the South African Newspaper, The Sowetan. The headline, "IFP for poll," refers to Buthelezi's Inkatha Party. This paper was published on April 20th, 1994, just 6 days before the election, as seen at the top left corner of the paper. This is one of five images from our Africa Focus collection showing the 1994 elections.

The image on the lower right is also from this series. It shows a sample ballot from the elections. The African National Congress is 12th from the top with a small image of Mandela next to the black, green and yellow symbol.

This election is a great part of South African history, as is Nelson Mandela. The African Focus collection has more images surrounding the elections and the events leading up to them. Please take a moment to look through the images and help us celebrate Nelson Mandela's birthday.

Happy Birthday!


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