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You've Got Mail

altDid you know that on this day in history the United States established the postal system? An no, that doesn't include email. In 1775, congress established the postal system and appointed Benjamin Franklin as its first postmaster general. To celebrate this day we are looking at images of some early post offices around WI.

altOn the top left is an image of the first federally owned post office in Kenosha, WI. According to the record, the image was taken shortly after the building was built sometime between 1912 and 1914. Today this land holds the second federally owned post office. The new building is much larger and is a landmark in the downtown area.

This second image is from the early days of the post in Two Rivers, WI. This image shows an early parcel post truck delivering packages in the 1920s. The building on the left is identified as the post office in the image record.

The creation of the postal service is a turning point in United States history and the history of communication. Today when we want to send something we can just email it. But when was the last time you send something in the mail? Next time you are emailing a friend, maybe drop them a letter in the mail instead.


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