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Remembering Barneveld

altOn June 8th of 1984, a devastating tornado hit the village of Barneveld, just west of Madison. The F5 tornado left the town in pieces. Today we would like to share pieces of this story with you. In our State of Wisconsin Collection, we have a scrapbook of the 1984 tornado, put together by Lilas Miller.

altThis scrapbook pieces together newspaper articles along with images during this time. The articles in this book tell the stories of the people of Barneveld. Miller has included news paper clippings about the debris that was found in Green Bay, stories of families involved and images of the wreckage. On many of the images she has labeled people in the photographs and included which paper they came from. There is even a story about the town five years later.

This collection is a great commemorative piece of WI history. The stories and images within this scrapbook, although devastating, show the history of our state and how we have worked through disasters.

If you are interested in learning more about what happened in Barneveld during this time or just want to commemorate all of the people involved in this disaster, this scrapbook is a great place to start.


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