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A Royal Visit

altThis past weekend the Royal newlyweds ended their North American tour with a visit to California. While there, Prince William participated in a polo match and the couple attended various events. Although we were glad to see that the royals got to experience the U.S. we wished they would have stopped in Wisconsin for some real fun.

They wouldn't be the first royals to come to Wisconsin you know. In 1931, three members of the Siamese Royal family, Prince and Princess Svasti,, their son Prince M. C. Srjuna visited Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Parker in Janesville, WI. The image on the left is of the royal family and the Parkers standing in front of Mr. Parker's biplane. There is another image in our Janesville's Past collection of them in the plane.

Maybe we can convince Prince William and Catherine to visit the Midwest next time they come, I mean who wouldn't love some Wisconsin beer and cheese?


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