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Welcome Freshmen

One (almostFreshmen Beanie) full week of classes is in the books. We hope all the freshmen out there are settling, finding their way around campus and learning about how great college really is. Back in the day, freshmen were expected to wear a beanie, or cap, from Varsity Welcome (the first Friday of fall semester) through Thanksgiving and from Easter until Varsity (Cap) Night in late spring. And, Freshmen were supposed to touch the red button on top when speaking to upperclassmen. Penalties for not doing so ranged from singing university songs to being thrown in the lake.

Other freshmen hazing including long walks back to campus, peanut rolling and sophomores were known to "kidnap" freshmen, loading them in to trucks and locking them in barns nearby campus.a long walk home

So, no matter how stressful this week has been, at least today's freshmen don't have to worry about unexpected dips in Lake Mendota or questionable fashion statements (at least not caused by upper classmates)! Learn more about campus history in our wonderful University of Wisconsin Collection. Welcome back!



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