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Women's Athletics Scrapbook

altToday we wanted to share with you a new collection, the Women's Athletics Scrapbook. This collection features pages from a scrapbook exclusively highlighting the history of women's athletics at the UW. The scrapbook has approximately 100 pages of images with multiple images on each page. I have included close ups of some of the pages for you to get a feel for the type of content in the book.

altThe top image features pictures from what looks like a May Pole dance. The images show groups of dancers together along with single and group action shots. As you can see in the close up the images are clustered together and many have been ripped around the edges to allow for more images to fit on each page.

The second image contains posed shots of female athletes. These images show just some of the options for women's athletics that this book highlights.

This collection contains interesting images from UW's history. Women's athletics have come a long way, and this collection follows that history. Browse through this collection when you have some time, you won't be disappointed.


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