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Freaky Photo Contest

Halloween is right around the corner and to help get us all in the spooky spirit we are having a Freakiest Photo contest. We have haunted ghost babies, smoking cauldrons, dissected bodies and even dolls that make Chucky look adorable!

Just look through the albums on our Facebook page of creepy creatures, ghastly ghouls, and scary skeletons and pick which ones make your spine tingle the most!

The pictures with the most votes in each category will move on to our Creepiest Picture Bracket. The pictures you vote as spookiest, craziest and most downright disturbing, will go head-to-head over the three-day period leading up to Halloween. Each day the pictures will be narrowed down and half will be bumped out of the running. On Halloween we will have our final showdown; the freakiest photos of all time will go head-to-head to see who gets the Creepy Crown of UW Digital Collections!

Post your predictions for who will be in the finals and who will be crowned. So don’t forget to visit our Facebook page and help the photo that makes you wake up screaming make it to the finals on Halloween!

Who do you think will be the freakiest photo of them all!?


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