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Happy Birthday!

altToday is one of our own's birthday! Check out Twitter today as she tweets her 5 favorite images.

Happy Birthday M!

Maybe this lady will share some of her cake with you...


An 'Ode to Kenosha

altThis past Thursday, June 30th, the downtown and lakefront area of Kenosha was hit by a terrible storm. The storm left thousands without power for a few days and flattened trees in the parks and neighborhoods around the lakefront. Kenosha is my hometown and today I wanted to give a little shout out to all the people affected and all the parks that are missing some beautiful old trees.

altOne of the places heavily affected was the Kemper Center and surrounding grounds. Kemper was an old boarding school, which is now a historic site used for events. The grounds are beautiful, just off of the water with tons of trees and green space. The image on the top is of the Kemper Hall Gymnasium from the late 1800s. Many of these trees were hit by the storm and were knocked down by the 80mph winds. A couple trees from Kemper were blocking the road all day Friday, as crews worked all weekend cleaning up.

Another park affected was Eichelman Park, just north of Kemper. The second image shows this park in the early 1900s. All of these new trees had grown up since then and many of them were also taken down by the storm.

So here is to my hometown, I look forward to seeing all the new trees being planted.


Wisconsin Parades

Can you believe how fast summer is flying by? Monday is already going to be the Fourth of July! This holiday is always filled with cook outs, fireworks and of course tons of parades. Every city, town and neighborhood has a parade to celebrate the 4th. To celebrate this year, we thought we could look through our collections and find images of Fourth of July parades from around the state.

First up, we have an image from our Two Rivers History collection. This image shows a Fourth of July parade from 1910 proceeding down Washington St. Back then the floats were pulled by horses and paper mache was not the decoration of choice, but it still has that stars and stripes theme!

This second image comes from my favorite collection, the Kenosha County History collection. This weekend I will be home in Kenosha for the parade. The parade in this image is from 1890 and is traveling down Main St. There is no longer a Main St. in Kenosha, it is now 6th Avenue and the parade still travels down that route. On Sunday, I will be one of those bystanders watching the floats go by!

Where will you be watching parades this weekend? We've got images from all over the state, maybe you can find an image from the town you'll be in.


Welcoming, Interim Chancellor, David Ward

altYesterday at a news conference the President of the UW System, Kevin Reilly, announced that David Ward would be appointed interim UW-Madison Chancellor. David Ward is not new to this role, having been Chancellor of UW-Madison from 1993-2001.

We've got a few images of and articles about Chancellor Ward during his time at the UW. Before, he was Chancellor, he taught at the university. This image at the left is from 1989, and must have been a staff photo from the UW.

We also found an article in the 1993 Badger Yearbook, when Ward took over as interim Chancellor for Donna Shalala. During his time as chancellor, he helped to enhance undergraduate learning and created the Chadbourne and Bradley learning communities. Here is another article from the 2000 Badger Yearbook, this article discusses Chancellor Ward's decision to leave the UW and all the great things he accomplished for this university.

We just wanted to say welcome back, Chancellor Ward!


Tweetdown Sneak Peak

altDid all you UWDC fans out there know that every couples weeks we partner with the UW-Madison Archives and the Wisconsin Historical Society for a special Tweetdown? In the past we have tweeted about dairy week, Easter theme, stress relief and nursery rhymes.

Tomorrow will be one of our greatest Tweetdowns yet! Theme: Cancelled TV shows. Just to give you a taste of what is to come, here is one that I picked, Dead Like Me, a funny show about a girl that becomes a reaper. That Spartan mascot could be in some trouble if that reaper gets to work!

Don't forget to follow all of us tomorrow, @UWdigiCollec, @UWMadArchives and @WIHistImages!


Quarterback Buzz

altToday the state is buzzing about the fact that Russell Wilson has signed to play with our Wisconsin Badgers Football Team for the 2011 season.

Head Coach Brett Bielema announced today that Wilson had committed to Wisconsin and will compete for the starting quarterback position. Before coming to Wisconsin, Wilson had played at NC State for three seasons.alt

To feed off the buzz surrounding this announcement, we thought we could highlight a quarterback from our collections who became a Badger legend, Ron Vander Kelen. Kelen was the quaterback for the 1962 Big Ten Championship football team and the MVP of the 1963 Rose Bowl.

The top image on the right is of Ron Vander Kelen as part of the 1962 football team. Under that is an image of him during the 1963 Rose Bowl game.

During this Rose Bowl game Ron Vander Kelen helped break the record for most first downs and lead a legendary comeback attempt in the fourth quarter. Although Wisconsin didn't win that game Kelen was awarded co-MVP and in 1991 was inducted into the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame.

We have tons of other football images and information in our UW Madison Collection and our University of Wisconsin Athletic Department Collection. Take a look through the collections and get ready for the 2011 Wisconsin Football season.


Flag Day

Happy Flag Day everyone! Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th every year commemorating the adoption of the United States Flag. This house may have gone a little overboard, but don't forget to put your flags out today!



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