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A Whole New World

1419as02lTonight at the Memorial Union is the Study Abroad Fair. From 4 p.m. til 7 p.m. the Great Hall will be filled with students trying to decide which study abroad is right for them.

I know I will be there night possibly looking at a study abroad that fits my interests, probably somewhere in Italy. But many of you might take a look at the study abroad in Ghana for example. If you do the image on the left shows the University you might attend.

Others may want to travel to the South East of Asia and study in Vietnam or Thailand. If you do, maybe you will make a trip to Cambodia and see the temples, like the one at the right, at Angkor Wat.angw0116l

Wherever you go it will sure to be an adventure. Before you leave the U.S. check out some of our collections. We have images from different cultures around the world.


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