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Archival Innovation

altWe want to give a shout out to the UW-Madison Department of Geography, the State Cartographer's Office, and members of our UWDCC team for being awarded the 2011 Governor's Award for Archival Innovation for their collaborative effort on the Baldwin-funded project, "Changing Landscapes of Wisconsin."

Our team members scanned over 38,000 aerial photos from the 1930s and 1940s, which were kept by the Robinson Map Library. The images cover the entire state and can give us an idea of what our state looked like before much of the construction we see today.

The State Cartographer's Office then made the images available on an innovative and interactive geographic interface, the WHAIFinder. Above is an image of the finished project. We hope that you will take time to explore the WHAIFinder and congratulate all of these teams on their great work.


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