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It's a crazy hat kind of day...

This week has been pretty stressful and to easy the tension I thought I would blog about something fun, crazy hats. Hats are awesome, and at some point in your life you will either want to or have to wear a crazy hat. So let's have a little laugh this friday, and look at some crazy hat pictures.

Now this image at the left does not really have a crazy hat in it, but come on, a dog in a hat is crazy. This picture just makes me less tense just looking at it.

This hat on the right, is amazing. If I could find a hat like that I would definitely wear it. Can you guess what this hat is a uniform for?

And then there is this picture of the crazy hat store! Oh wait, these are “Royce” brand women’s hats at the Henderson-Hoyt department store in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The display includes more than a dozen hats!

This woman on the right has the kind of crazy hats I want to wear. I wonder if she bought this hat at the store in the previous picture?

All of these hats have made my day a little more fun. Do you have any favorite images of crazy hats in our collection? Or maybe a fun story about your favorite crazy hat?

I hope everyone goes out and has a great weekend.


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