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Now there is a new way to search some of our digital collections. UW • Forward, a resource discovery tool that offers a unified search interface for library data, has added five of our digital resources to its search library. You can now search for through these collections along with UW System library holdings. The collections that can be found in UW Forward include Africa Focus, Artists' Books, Publishers' Bindings Online and SouthEast Asian Images and Texts. Take a look at this new search system and let us know what you think!


The Tale of Two Rivers

The Mueller Bros. Brewing Co.

Life and Industry in Two Rivers is another collection we recently went live with. The collection contains the Hubert R. Wentorf Photo Collection and Fisher-Hamilton Industries Product Catalogs.

Mr. Wentorf was both a local photographer and a collector of historical photographs. His images focus on local landmarks, industries and institutions, and people going about daily life in Two Rivers. Many of his photographs include group shots of organizations and civic groups.

Artists Sketch of Hamilton Manufacturing Company

The Fisher-Hamilton catalogs document the products manufactured by the company and the evolution of these products (and the company itself) over the years. These catalogs serve as a valuable resource to antique hunters.

Take a peek at this great image collection. Maybe you will find a little history of your own.


To the Dells!

Tomorrow is the start of the Wisconsin Library Association Annual Conference. Since this year's conference is being held in Wisconsin Dells, we thought we would highlight some of the collections that have images from the Dells.

The image on the left is from the Great Lakes Maritime History Project Collection. The caption says this is the Alexander Mitchell, at landing in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, passengers are posing on both decks.

The image on the right is from the Brittingham Lantern Slides Collection. The picture is a view of rock formations and water in the Upper Dells of Wisconsin.

Both of these collections can be found in The State of Wisconsin Collection.

We hope everything goes well at the conference this week and maybe we will see some of you there!


They're Creepy and They're Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky

Halloween weekend is officially here! Everyone's costumes are ready and its almost time for the Halloween parties to begin.

This year we thought we would put together a collection of some of our scariest photos from all of the collections. We added the collection to our Flickr site. It's called UWDCC Fright Night! -- check it out!

My favorite creepy picture from our collections is the one on the left. The people look like ghosts next to this huge fire!

We have tons of scary pictures in this Flickr set. From clowns and spiders to ghost babies and cemeteries, we have something creepy for all of you.

We are also tweeting creepy images all day. Check out our Twitter feed, @UWdigiCollec.

Do you have a favorite creepy, Halloween inspired picture from our collection? Let us know!


Freakfest 2010

Halloween weekend is finally here. I hope everyone has their costumes finished and is ready for Freakfest. I still have a few things to pick up for my costume but I am looking forward to the State Street activitites.

Our UW-Madison Collection has great images from past Halloweens. On the left in a picture from Halloween in 1982. Back then they used to have the festivities on Library Mall. They also used to sell beer at the event.

The image on the right is from 1983. These costumes seem a little creepy. What are you and your friends planning on being for Halloween this year? Something scary? Cute? A group costume?

The Wisconsin Alumni Association has put together a timeline of the History of Halloween at UW-Madison. Did you know the first one was in 1979? Take a peek at their timeline before you head out Saturday.

Hopefully everyone will have a great Halloween. You can catch me on State Street Saturday. I can't wait to see all of your costumes.


UW Volleyball

Back in the day, alright not that long ago, volleyball was my sport of choice. I'm starting to miss playing a little and thought today would be a good day to celebrate UW Madison's Women's Volleyball. Tonight the women's volleyball team takes on Iowa and on Sunday they play Minnesota.

Our UW-Madison Athletic Department Collection contains media guides from the early years of UW Volleyball. The image on the left is the cover of the booklet from the 1982 season. Below is an image from a game in 1989.

The media guides contain images from games along with stats from previous seasons. There are also small bios about the players, coaches and athletic department staff.

Take a peek at the history of UW Volleyball and don't forget to tune in and support the volleyball team this weekend!


Adventures in Local History Digitization

Today we thought we should alert everyone to the WLA conference coming up in November. Some of our very own from the UWDC will be giving presentations.

The conference, titled Raiders of the Lost ARCs (and Public Libraries): Adventures in Local History Digitization, will be held on Nov. 3 in Wisconsin Dells.

Steven Dast and Catherine Phan, from the UWDC, will give a presentation on the challenges and downfalls of trying to maintain and digitize local histories.

Also presenting is Leah Ujda, from the UWDC, with Jamie Stoltenberg, from the Robinson Map Library, on an important project for Wisconsin. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there is a collection of aerial photographs of the state, the oldest in existence. The University of Wisconsin Digital Collections Center, the Robinson Map Library, the State Cartographer's Office, and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation received a three-year grant to scan and geo-reference the collection. They are also building a web space to house the information. Ujda and Stoltenberg's presentation will describe the project and discuss certain details.

It should be an interesting event. Hopefully we will see some of you there!


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