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Quarterback Buzz

altToday the state is buzzing about the fact that Russell Wilson has signed to play with our Wisconsin Badgers Football Team for the 2011 season.

Head Coach Brett Bielema announced today that Wilson had committed to Wisconsin and will compete for the starting quarterback position. Before coming to Wisconsin, Wilson had played at NC State for three seasons.alt

To feed off the buzz surrounding this announcement, we thought we could highlight a quarterback from our collections who became a Badger legend, Ron Vander Kelen. Kelen was the quaterback for the 1962 Big Ten Championship football team and the MVP of the 1963 Rose Bowl.

The top image on the right is of Ron Vander Kelen as part of the 1962 football team. Under that is an image of him during the 1963 Rose Bowl game.

During this Rose Bowl game Ron Vander Kelen helped break the record for most first downs and lead a legendary comeback attempt in the fourth quarter. Although Wisconsin didn't win that game Kelen was awarded co-MVP and in 1991 was inducted into the Rose Bowl Hall of Fame.

We have tons of other football images and information in our UW Madison Collection and our University of Wisconsin Athletic Department Collection. Take a look through the collections and get ready for the 2011 Wisconsin Football season.


Flag Day

Happy Flag Day everyone! Flag Day is celebrated on June 14th every year commemorating the adoption of the United States Flag. This house may have gone a little overboard, but don't forget to put your flags out today!



Happy Birthday Les Paul

We wanted to commemorate Les Paul on his birthday today. Well known for creating the solid-body electric guitar, Les Paul was a Wisconsin native, Waukesha to be exact. Our Waukesha County History collection has a few images of his from his childhood.

In this image Les Paul poses with his "Red Hot" Rag time Band in front of a Junior Optimist parade float with the band members in costume. He is the fifth from the left, holding the guitar and a harmonica around his neck. alt


Remembering Barneveld

altOn June 8th of 1984, a devastating tornado hit the village of Barneveld, just west of Madison. The F5 tornado left the town in pieces. Today we would like to share pieces of this story with you. In our State of Wisconsin Collection, we have a scrapbook of the 1984 tornado, put together by Lilas Miller.

altThis scrapbook pieces together newspaper articles along with images during this time. The articles in this book tell the stories of the people of Barneveld. Miller has included news paper clippings about the debris that was found in Green Bay, stories of families involved and images of the wreckage. On many of the images she has labeled people in the photographs and included which paper they came from. There is even a story about the town five years later.

This collection is a great commemorative piece of WI history. The stories and images within this scrapbook, although devastating, show the history of our state and how we have worked through disasters.

If you are interested in learning more about what happened in Barneveld during this time or just want to commemorate all of the people involved in this disaster, this scrapbook is a great place to start.


Summer Heat Waves

The first summer heat wave of the season seems to be upon us, how will you be spending your days? We thought today we could look at images of great summer activities around some of our WI lakes. There are so many beautiful lakes in WI let's look at some of the great activities they offer for these hot summer days.

One great way to enjoy the lakes is boating. Any type of boat, kayaks, canoes,or motor boats, can provide a great family or group activity. This image on the left is of a boater on Paddock Lake in Kenosha County. Back in high school, I spent many summer days on this lake with my friends.

Lately, I've really been enjoying biking around Madison in this heat. It is a great way to be active and still enjoy your surroundings. This image on the right is of a group biking around Fox River in Waterford, WI.

One thing I've always wanted to learn is sailing, that seems like a great activity for these summer days. What kinds of activities will you participate in during this heat wave? Swimming? Walking? Sports? Let us know!


The Summer Spirit

altWell, UWDC followers, it seems that summer is finally here. I was absent these past couple weeks, on vacation in sunny Florida. The weather was beautiful, and when I got back I was greeted with more beautiful weather right here in Madison. Let's hope that the grey day we are having clears up and its sunshine for the rest of the week. Until then, here are some pictures to keep you in the summer spirit.

altThe beautiful beach reminds me of vacation. I hope we get days like this here in Wisconsin, unfortunately ours won't be surrounded by palm trees. Laying on the beach, cooking out and relaxing, sounds great doesn't it?

The clear blue waters and tiki huts of this pool scene are sure to keep you hoping for more sunny days. A pool party is a must this summer, getting all of your friends together and spending some time in the sun is what summer is all about.

I hope these sunny pictures get you through until the sun peeks out from behind these rain clouds. What are your summer plans? I'm excited for Summerfest, the State Fair and all the other festivals that summer brings. So let's hope that the sun will come out tomorrow.


Graduation Weekend

altThis weekend many students will be celebrating their graduation from one of our great UW universities. We wanted to take a moment to congratulate all of the graduating seniors for all of their hard work, and wish them luck on their future plans. We hope that all of your ceremonies go well and you get some time to celebrate with your friends and family.

altOur UW History collection has graduation images from all of our UW campuses. At the top is a great image from the UW-La Crosse History collection. The image is from a 1940s graduation walk, showing graduates walking in traditional cap and gown across the campus grounds. It looks like a beautiful day, I hope this year's weather will be as nice.

The image on the bottom is from the 1951 badger yearbook. The page highlights the events of senior week, "a picnic, senior ball, band music and pleasant relaxation..." Hopefully all of the seniors are finished with their finals and get a chance to relax a little before their ceremony.

We've been tweeting even more images from the collections of graduation ceremonies. If you aren't already, follow us on Twitter @UWdigiCollec, to see tons of great images.

So who out there will be graduating this weekend? What are your plans for after graduation? Whatever they are we hope you don't forget about us! Have a great weekend graduates, and once again, congratulations!


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