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Graduation Weekend

altThis weekend many students will be celebrating their graduation from one of our great UW universities. We wanted to take a moment to congratulate all of the graduating seniors for all of their hard work, and wish them luck on their future plans. We hope that all of your ceremonies go well and you get some time to celebrate with your friends and family.

altOur UW History collection has graduation images from all of our UW campuses. At the top is a great image from the UW-La Crosse History collection. The image is from a 1940s graduation walk, showing graduates walking in traditional cap and gown across the campus grounds. It looks like a beautiful day, I hope this year's weather will be as nice.

The image on the bottom is from the 1951 badger yearbook. The page highlights the events of senior week, "a picnic, senior ball, band music and pleasant relaxation..." Hopefully all of the seniors are finished with their finals and get a chance to relax a little before their ceremony.

We've been tweeting even more images from the collections of graduation ceremonies. If you aren't already, follow us on Twitter @UWdigiCollec, to see tons of great images.

So who out there will be graduating this weekend? What are your plans for after graduation? Whatever they are we hope you don't forget about us! Have a great weekend graduates, and once again, congratulations!


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