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National Watermelon Day

According to our calendar it's National Watermelon Day! Although we are not sure the historical significance of this day, we love watermelons and today seems like a beautiful day to celebrate them!

Did you know that there is a National Watermelon Championship? This image on the left is from our UW-Madison Archives from the days when the National Watermelon Seed Spitting Championship was held in Madison. The girl on the right is the National Watermelon Queen, I wonder how she got that title? This collection also has images of participants in the Watermelon Seed Spitting Championship.

Everyone loves watermelon, even animals! On the right is an image from our PrimateImages: National History Collection, showing a couple of Rhesus monkeys eating a watermelon. They have a very interesting way of eating this watermelon, but hey, why not just dig right in!

Did you know that a watermelon is 90% water, but that doesn't stop them from tasting delicious! It's a beautiful day outside for a picnic, so don't forget the watermelon! Happy National Watermelon Day everyone!


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