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Welcoming, Interim Chancellor, David Ward

altYesterday at a news conference the President of the UW System, Kevin Reilly, announced that David Ward would be appointed interim UW-Madison Chancellor. David Ward is not new to this role, having been Chancellor of UW-Madison from 1993-2001.

We've got a few images of and articles about Chancellor Ward during his time at the UW. Before, he was Chancellor, he taught at the university. This image at the left is from 1989, and must have been a staff photo from the UW.

We also found an article in the 1993 Badger Yearbook, when Ward took over as interim Chancellor for Donna Shalala. During his time as chancellor, he helped to enhance undergraduate learning and created the Chadbourne and Bradley learning communities. Here is another article from the 2000 Badger Yearbook, this article discusses Chancellor Ward's decision to leave the UW and all the great things he accomplished for this university.

We just wanted to say welcome back, Chancellor Ward!


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