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Wisconsin Parades

Can you believe how fast summer is flying by? Monday is already going to be the Fourth of July! This holiday is always filled with cook outs, fireworks and of course tons of parades. Every city, town and neighborhood has a parade to celebrate the 4th. To celebrate this year, we thought we could look through our collections and find images of Fourth of July parades from around the state.

First up, we have an image from our Two Rivers History collection. This image shows a Fourth of July parade from 1910 proceeding down Washington St. Back then the floats were pulled by horses and paper mache was not the decoration of choice, but it still has that stars and stripes theme!

This second image comes from my favorite collection, the Kenosha County History collection. This weekend I will be home in Kenosha for the parade. The parade in this image is from 1890 and is traveling down Main St. There is no longer a Main St. in Kenosha, it is now 6th Avenue and the parade still travels down that route. On Sunday, I will be one of those bystanders watching the floats go by!

Where will you be watching parades this weekend? We've got images from all over the state, maybe you can find an image from the town you'll be in.


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