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What Does Finals Week Need? Pizza!

In honor of finals week quickly approaching, we're highlighting an article written by Julie Jacob in the 1985 edition of the Wisconsin badger.

We hope this helps some of you remember pizza during finals week and maybe even use it as a tool to maximize study time!

Pizza! A Food for All Seasons

Gyros come, and gyros go, and tofu has its time, but pizza has endured the tests of time and students' taste, and remains a comforting constant in the joys and trauma of college life. Eaten out or ordered in, deep dish or regular, it plays many roles, say on an ordinary Friday night.

1. Pizza as the food of negotiation and diplomacy.  Like an overabundance of manna from heaven, this particular Friday brings enough things to do for 1,000 Fridays. Invitations to three parties, friends coming in unexpectedly from LaCrosse, free concert tickets, a long-awaited date, and a friend's birthday celebration. Pizza is ordered in, (it has enough calories for a long night) and munched between phone calls arranging meeting times and places ("Okay ... first we'll go to Amy's party, then we'll cruise down to Hart's, meet Karen, stop in at Flamingo's have a drink with Pam,".. .

2. Pizza as the antidote to Friday night blues - it's another Friday, this one sans money, sans roommates (who have migrated home). Pizza salvages the evening. ("What did you do last night? Nothing?" "No, I ordered a Pit and watched Dallas)"alt

3. Pizza as the Great Comforter - Pizza as a warm, greasy and spicy security blanket to assuage the pain of failed exams, broken heart, empty checkbook, or dead plants. Pizza offered by roommates or friends as a token of their concern ("Here life's not all bad we just ordered an extra-large pizza - we even got anchovies and pepperoni - your favorite.")

4. Pizza as the ultimate nightcap - What can be a more perfect ending to a wild night out than to pass out with the cheek nestled against a slice with extra sauce and onions?

6. Finally, pizza during finals week. - The quick, easy way to shove calories into the body without wasting precious time cooking. Pizza as the ultimate study break, as a way to chew away anxieties.

Ah pizza. Is college complete without it?

If you want to browse through some more old copies of the Wisconsin Badger for more gems like these, check out our University of Wisconsin Collection!


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