Botanical Photos of Prof. Hugh Iltis

Hugh Hellmut Iltis is a botanist, conservationist, Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin, and Director Emeritus of the WIS Herbarium. He is renowned for research and discoveries surrounding the […]

Wisconsin’s Historic DNR Photos

These images represent the changing face of Wisconsin’s natural resource agencies, their employees and customers, and the resources they preserve and protect. The photos span more than a century and […]

Leizime Brusoe Scrapbook

An extraordinary fiddler, Leizime Brusoe performed from the 1880s to the 1940s, from Canadian dancing schools to radio and live shows in the Midwest, and lastly for barn dances in […]

SEAiT as a Research Tool

This page is designed to provide the user with a brief look into the development and history of photography in the Philippines. See the collection titles listed on the right focusing […]

UW-La Crosse Steamboat Coll.

The UW-La Crosse Historic Steamboat Photograph collection consists of over 40,000 photographic images of steamboats on the inland waterways of the United States, primarily the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri rivers […]

UW-Madison Athletic Department

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Athletic Department Collection contains photos and archival materials that document a variety of sports, coaches and student athletes, and their experiences competing for the UW-Madison teams. […]

History of Limnology

The Center for Limnology is a research facility affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The Center for Limnology was established in July 1982 to plan, conduct, and facilitate inland freshwater research. […]

Liberato Picar Philippines Military Academy Album

The SEAiT collection contains sixty–one photographs from two albums compiled by Captain Liberato Picar, an alumnus of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and a retired Philippine Navy officer. These photographs […]

Human Ecology Collection

Human ecology is an academic discipline that deals with the relationship between humans and their natural, social and created environments. Human ecology investigates how humans and human societies interact with […]