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Arts in Society (1958-1976) is an interdisciplinary journal that “discusses, interprets, and illustrates the various roles of the arts in contemporary society.” In scope, the journal defines the arts broadly to include music, literature, theater, dance, film, and visual arts. Arts in Society was published by the University of Wisconsin, University Extension Division, between 1958 and 1976. During this period, it appeared irregularly, one to four times per year, often in thematic issues. Individual issues include titles such as: Government in Art (1963), Arts and the Black Revolution (1968), Arts of Activism (1969), Women and the Arts (1974), and Arts in Academe (1975). Each issue contains individually authored articles, essays, poems, and interviews by both University of Wisconsin-Madison and non-campus-affiliated contributors. This journal is significant both for the content of its information and as a primary source reflecting the artistic climate and discourse of the 1960s. Full text of all issues is provided here, and both browsing and keyword searching are enabled. The journal Arts in Society has also been selectively indexed in citation services including: America: History and Life; Current Index to Journals in Education; Historical Abstracts; M.L.A. International Bibliography; Philosopher’s Index; Psychological Abstracts; Abstracts of English Studies; and ARTbibliographies Modern.