Chazen (Elvehjem) Museum of Art Publications

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An inaugural reception for the Elvehjem Art Center was celebrated on September 11, 1970, with the new University of Wisconsin, Madison campus art museum opening to the public the next day. Later known as the Elvehjem Museum of Art, and now renamed the Chazen Museum of Art, the museum undertook an ambitious schedule of exhibitions through the decades that followed. Some were traveling or collaborative exhibits, but a large number were curated in house. Printed exhibition catalogs document these all-too-ephemeral local events and convey the essence of the shows. Together they provide insights into the history of the museum as well as the history of the visual arts on the UW-Madison campus.

The Chazen Museum of Art, the Kohler Art Library, and the UW Digital Collections Center have worked together to produce online facsimiles of many of these Elvehjem/Chazen Museum publications. The digital catalogs are made available here for research and academic use. A separate sub-collection of Art Department Faculty Exhibition Catalogues is already available online.

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