The Gender and Women's Studies Collection

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The Gender and Women’s Studies Collection brings together, in digital form, primary and secondary materials relating to the the exploration of politics, history, and society from a transnational and multicultural women’s perspective. Although this collection is still in its infancy, future additions may include archival as well as published materials and may be drawn from a variety of formats: books, manuscripts, prints, photographs, audio and video, and more. Our first submissions to the collection include grassroots posters from two separate Indian feminist organizations. The first, Olakh (meaning Identity) and the second Sayihar. The posters have been collected from different women’s groups and feminist organizations from all over India. These posters are not simply beautiful pieces of material culture created by individual artists. Most of the posters are the outcome of a collective political process in which community members, activists, students, and/or survivors brainstorm together to translate a deep social concern into words and images.

The second group of materials come from the collections of Dovie Horvitz and consists of over 1,300 images and scanned texts representing objects and printed matter that reflect the lives of women from the mid 1800s through the mid 1900s. The items themselves were collected by Mrs. Dovie Horvitz over almost two decades and remain her property.