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Essays on Brecht: Versuche über BrechtThe Brecht Yearbook is the annual publication of the International Brecht Society (IBS), devoted to scholarly research on Bertolt Brecht’s writings and to broader issues about the relationship between politics and culture. The first three volumes (1971-1973) were published in Germany under the title Brecht heute – Brecht Today (Athenäum Verlag) and volumes 4-10 (1974-1980) under the title Das Brecht-Jahrbuch (Suhrkamp Verlag); all contributions were in German. Thereafter the yearbook moved to the United States and has included since then contributions in German and English. Volumes 11-13 (1982-1986) were published by Wayne State University Press and since then all volumes have appeared under the imprint of the IBS, distributed by the University of Wisconsin Press. In 2016 Camden House Publishing took over distribution of this publication. To find available Brecht Yearbook volumes for purchase, see:

The material included here is by permission of the publishers: Suhrkamp Verlag (volumes 4-10), Wayne State University Press (volumes 11-13), and the International Brecht Society (volumes 1-3, 14ff.). Individual texts, photographs, and facsimiles for which the IBS was unable to secure permission have been masked to protect copyright. These materials can be found in the printed volumes. Users who quote from or refer to the Brecht Yearbook are requested to cite standard source and publisher information.

The entire database, including articles, production reviews, book reviews, and captions of photographs, is searchable by words or phrases, including proper names and titles of works. Users may wish to search titles of Brecht’s works both in English and in German.