Ibero-American Electronic Text Series

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Image credit: "Ibero-American Writers in the Era of Globalization" conference 2007, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Image credit: “Ibero-American Writers in the Era of Globalization” conference 2007, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Ibero-American Electronic Text Series is a project developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison devoted to Latin American and Iberian works in the humanities. The texts comply with the Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange and with the Guidelines for Markup of Electronic Texts, reading level, which can be accessed via the UWDCC’s Resources & Documentation links.

Each text is accompanied by its corresponding source text, as well as a full header of the electronic edition. In addition, an encoding description is included to facilitate the identification of its provenance as well as any editorial amendments to the printed source. The year in parentheses following each title corresponds to the year of the edition used, which is not necessarily the year the text was first published.

Currently, the series holds over 40 titles in Spanish and Portuguese that cover a wide array of works from Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal that span from the medieval to the contemporary period. Below are access points to different sub-collections of titles.

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“Ibero-America (orthographic projection)” by Keepscases – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons from Wikimedia Commons.