Sheboygan County Historical Documents

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This collection provides snapshots into the social, economic, and political history of Sheboygan County. The Sheboygan Centennial and Homecoming Souvenir booklets provide historical information from the period of the early Native American settlements to the mid-twentieth century. In addition, these items, along with a number of other titles, include historical photographs of the county with an emphasis on the City of Sheboygan. Sheboygan County Plat Maps from 1875 to 1920 also offer unique glimpses into the development of this county.

Sheboygan County men and women rallied to arms just as in other communities in support the country’s war efforts. Several war histories document Sheboygan County’s involvement in some the greatest wars this country has fought.

The City of Sheboygan was once known as the “City of Cheese, Chairs, Churches, and Children – the 4 ‘C’s”. Furniture manufacturers played an important role in shaping the local economy. Many of these companies produced annual sales catalogues to promote and sell their products. Although very few of these catalogues are still in existence a number of them are included in this collection. The collection includes catalogues’ from the following companies that once existed in Sheboygan, Wisconsin:

  • American Chair Company
  • American Parlor Frame Company
  • Bemis-Riddell Fibre Company
  • Crocker Chair Company
  • Dillingham Manufacturing Company
  • Garton Toy Company
  • George B. Mattoon Furniture Manufacturer
  • George Spratt Chair Company
  • Hill Children’s Carriage Factory
  • Northern Furniture Company
  • Phoenix Chair Company
  • Sheboygan Chair Company
  • Sheboygan Fibre Furniture Company

Additional works have been added to the Sheboygan County Historical Documents collection which will continue to help researchers in their quest for information. The newly added city directories will assist genealogists and historians, while the other specialized historical items will open new vistas to Sheboygan’s early history. Further use of these materials will promote increased knowledge of Sheboygan County’s fascinating history with a deeper understanding of the past.

This collection will provide researchers, students, genealogists, and the general history buff the opportunity to explore a wealth of historical information about this county. It also provides an understanding of how this history contributed to the historical development of this state and country.



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