Japanese Illustrated Books from the late Edo period

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Fifteen titles of Edo-period (1600-1868) Japanese woodblock-printed books are included in this online collection. The books are predominantly pictorial, with illustrations designed by artists such as Nishikawa Sukenobu, Katsushika Hokusai, Kono Bairei and Ando Hiroshige. Pictorial content ranges from Suikoden heros (Ehon Suikoden) and scenes in the lives of women (Ehon Mitsuwaso) to birds tinted in delicate color washes and landscape views.

Most titles are composed of several volumes, either bound separately or sewn together, for a total of 25 separate electronic facsimiles. Pages appear online in the intended right-to-left sequence, and page numbers have been added to aid in navigation. Use the “display gallery view” option (at left bar of the interface screen) to browse thumbnail images of the pages.

All original volumes are in the collection of the Kohler Art Library, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Some titles are incomplete. We include partial volumes (and in one instance merely a small collection of pages) in order to give viewers the widest range of illustration content.Following is a list of items in this collection.