Notes from the Stone-paved Path: Meditations on North India

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Notes from the stone-paved path, page 18In this project, Lewis Koch has paired photographs he made in the north of India in 1995-96 with pages photographed from books pertaining to this region among the holdings of Memorial Library. This keepsake features a selection of Koch’s photo-text diptychs, along with a bibliography of the books in question, some fifty in the full project. The books themselves speak to themes ranging from agricultural economics and autobiography to short stories, and reflect sensibilities from the mid-14th century to scholarship of the late 20th century. This is an electronic facsimile of a print keepsake produced in conjunction with an exhibit by the same title in the Department of Special Collections in fall 2003. The exhibit consisted of Koch’s photographic diptychs paired with books from Memorial Library. For further information, please write to