United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia: UNTAC Archives

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Flag of CambodiaThe UNTAC Radio Archive is a unique collection. It can be considered a Cambodian historical item. The collection features the democratic transition in Cambodia in early 1990s, after the end of Cold War. The radio program was established in October 1992, began broadcasting on 9 November 1992 and ended on 22 September 1993. The radio was a very effective tool for UNTAC to get information on the electoral process, human rights and other UNTAC’s activities to Cambodian people across the country. The collection consists of around 232 programs in which comprises of 2,462 paper documents and 2,113 distinct tapes. The transcript and other types of text-based documents are in English, Khmer or/and French, while audio tapes are only in Khmer except some interviews with non-Khmer speakers.


The UNTAC was established by the UN Security Council Resolution 745 (1992). It began operation on 15 March 1992. It was created “to ensure implementation of the Agreements on the Comprehensive Political Settlement of the Cambodia Conflict, signed in Paris on 23 October 1991. The mandate included aspects relating to human rights, the organization and conduct of elections, military arrangements, civil administration, maintenance of law and order, repatriation and resettlement of refugees and displaced persons and rehabilitation of Cambodian infrastructure.” The operation ended in September 1993.


Keo Dacil, UW-Madison graduate student; Kolap Mao, UW-Madison graduate student. For more information about this collection, contact Larry Ashmun, UW-Madison Bibliographer for Southeast Asian area studies.