Wisconsin Groundwater Research and Monitoring Program Reports

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About two-thirds of the people of Wisconsin obtain their drinking water from groundwater. Despite a general abundance of groundwater in Wisconsin, there is growing concern about the overall availability of good-quality groundwater. Substantial declines in groundwater levels have occurred in some areas, and a variety of both naturally occurring and anthropogenic chemical contaminants have been detected in the groundwater in many parts of the state.

To better understand and manage these problems, the University of Wisconsin System (UWS) and the state departments of Natural Resources (DNR), Commerce and Agriculture, and Trade & Consumer Protection (DATCP) have provided nearly $12 million in groundwater research and monitoring grants to 298 investigators during FY89-FY03. The Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council (GCC) coordinates this multi-agency state Groundwater Research and Monitoring Program, which awards up to $750,000 for a variety of projects each year.

The UW-Madison Water Resources Institute (WRI) administers the program for UWS. This collection contains the final reports of projects funded by UWS and DNR. The paper copies of these reports are available at the UW-Madison Water Resources Library.