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Communications from the International Brecht Society was originally conceived as a newsletter “for the exchange of ideas and information pertinent to [the IBS members’] ‘common cause.’” The Society was founded by members of the German departments at the UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee in 1970, and it has continued to be identified for 45 years with institutions in this state. Until the late 1970s the mimeographed, stapled brochure of 5 to 15 numbered pages generally appeared three times a year with organizational news, officer election information, lists of new publications and performances, announcements, and an annual membership role. It expanded to a journal format in 1982 with a reduced publication schedule of two larger issues per year; since then it has featured besides IBS news and reports: short essays, performance reviews, and bibliographical information. In 2000 the publishing schedule shifted from biannual (with an average of 80 pages) to annual (with over 100 pages), including articles and more elaborate graphics about the life and work of Bertolt Brecht and his impact on modern theater and culture worldwide.


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Editors of Communications from the International Brecht Society:

Gisela Bahr (1971-77)

Henry J. Schmidt (1978-79)

Richard Rundell (1979-80)

Laureen Nussbaum (1981-82)

Marc Silberman (1982-86)

Michael Gilbert (1986-90)

Vera Stegmann (1991-95)

Gudrun Tabbert-Jones (1995-2003)

Britta Kallin (2004-05)

Norm Roessler (2006-11)

Andy Spencer (2012-15)

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