The American Founding Period

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American Founding PeriodMany historians have observed that during the American Founding Period there was a confluence of great individuals and great ideas. To study the individuals solely without considering the ideological milieu of the period is to miss the significance of the American Founding.

The American Founding Series is arranged highlighting both. Originally done for the “University of the Air” program on Wisconsin Public Radio, this series of hour-long interviews offer insights and anecdotes that will take you back to the world of the Early Republic.

Among the biographical items, you will find a series of in depth discussions of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abigail Adams, Thomas Paine, James Madison, the Marquis de Lafayette, and other leading figures.

The thematic offerings feature a broad selection of topics ranging from a series called “America on Trial” to a two-part treatment of the ratification of the Constitution. Other topics focus on science, death, and slavery in Revolutionary Period. There is also a discussion on the Declaration of Independence.