Historical Primary Sources

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Historical Primary Sources presents a collection of historical texts – a classic in city development (Madison-a Model City), an account by an involved eyewitness (Annals of the Famine in Ireland), and an insightful view by a gifted Swedish writer of the United States and Cuba at the middle of the nineteenth century (The Homes of the New World) – mark the beginnings of a project intended to bring to a wider audience a selection of historical primary source materials which might otherwise no longer be available in the collections of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Materials selected for this project are owned in the original by the UW-Madison Libraries, but because of age, condition, and vulnerability, most can no longer be circulated. Further, because of their content and importance, these materials warrant the additional search and retrieval capability which can be provided by XML encoding using the standards of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). Until selected for this project, these texts were not available in electronic editions meeting these standards. In addition, even after the passage of many years since their first publication, these materials remain of interest to, and in demand by, the community of historical researchers served by the UW-Madison libraries.

Project Members: Steven Dast (Digital Projects Coordinator), Peter Gorman (Senior Technology Librarian), Barbara Walden (European History Librarian).