Popular Sheet Music Collection

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The Popular Sheet Music Collection consists of popular song sheets held by the Mills Music Library and published in the United States since 1900. At present, approximately 11,300 titles have been entered into the database.

The collection has been assembled from many sources, but most significant among these is the collection of John A. Jaeger, a Milwaukee sheet music enthusiast, from whom the library acquired the collection in the 1980s. In addition to more than 8,600 popular song sheets, Jaeger’s total collection comprised over 17,000 titles, including thirteen bound volumes of nineteenth century music, dance folios, and other popular instrumental music. The database records indicate when an item was originally part of the Jaeger Collection.

Circulation Policy

The Popular Sheet Music Collection is a non-circulating special collection in the Mills Music Library and available for onsite use only. Users may request any title from the reference librarian on duty. Titles in the Popular Sheet Music Collection are not included in MadCat, the library’s online catalog. Access is only through this database.


The database was developed in the mid-1990s under the supervision of Geri Laudati and Peg Brown. Many individuals have contributed to the database including Brandon Watson and Stephen Henry. Technical support was provided by Kirstin Dougan, Charles Dean, Sue Dentinger, and Adi Shrivastava.