UW-Madison Campus Humor Publications

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UW (Madison) has a long tradition of entertaining our campus community through a variety of publications that poke fun at the University and its faculty, students, traditions, daily life and other elements of Wisconsin collegiate experience. UW (Madison) Campus Humor Publications presents a representative sample of these publications including some of the more well-known magazines from the early 20th century — the Sphinx and the Octopus or “The Octy.”

Through satirical essays, cartoons and illustrations, poems, short plays and other literary devices, student writers and editors endeavored to both entertain and provide an alternative view of campus life. Lampooning hallowed traditions and campus personalities was common for these publications. No group was immune from their satire including faculty, students and well-known Madisonians.

For more information about campus humor magazines or UW-Madison history, in general, contact the UW-Madison Archives.