History of UW–Waukesha

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The History of UW–Waukesha Collection includes resources that document the history and evolution of this campus. The collection currently includes published material and may eventually include additional books, manuscripts, sound recordings, photographs, maps and other resources deemed important to the study of our state’s university system and its campuses. The materials included in this rich and growing collection were selected by librarians, scholars, and other subject specialists.

Windy Hill Review

Founded by Phil Zweifel in 1978, The Windy Hill Review is the University of Wisconsin–Waukesha’s student-run literary magazine. With the guidance of faculty advisors, literary club members read and select the strongest creative submissions and learn the process of publishing a journal. This annually released magazine features the short stories, poems, and artwork of students, faculty, and local writers and artists.

For more information about UW–Waukesha’s history, contact the UW–Waukesha Library.