Veterinary Anatomical lllustrations

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The following illustrations are digitized from the classic works of the German veterinary anatomists, Wilhelm Ellenberger and Hermann Baum, and medical illustrator, Hermann Dittrich. The texts, from which these illustrations were derived, are works published in 1898 and 1911 through 1925, all entitled Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler which can be translated as Handbook (or Atlas) of Animal Anatomy for Artists. The primary focus of these illustrations is on the integumentary and musculoskeletal systems of the horse, cow, dog, lion, goat and deer. The detail of these images is exquisite. Their timeless quality has allowed their use over many decades. These images are not only useful to artists but also to veterinary anatomists, comparative anatomists, zoologist and anyone interested in learning more about the anatomy of these species. What may be surprising is that, although the overall conformation of each of these species is different, many specific anatomical structures across these species are very similar.