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Women's Audio Visuals in EnglishWomen’s Audio Visuals In English (WAVE) is a database maintained by the University of Wisconsin System Women’s Studies Librarian’s Office that lists television series and documentary, experimental, and feature film and video productions by and about women. The information has been drawn entirely from distributors’ and producers’ catalogs and websites, reviews in periodicals, filmographies, reference works, and library catalogs; in most cases we have not examined the materials themselves.

To be included in WAVE, distributed productions must be at least ten minutes long, and for most of WAVE‘s history, we only included items for which we could find a distributor. We strive to find a distributor for each entry, but some either never have been in distribution or have gone out of distribution. Since those items may be available in libraries or from their creators, we have more recently decided to include them in WAVE. In some cases where we can find no actual distributor, we list the production company in that field. We also include on a selective basis many streaming videos mounted on YouTube and elsewhere, for which attribution is clear.

The WAVE database was preceded by the print publication WAVE: Women’s Audio-Visuals in English: A Guide to Nonprint Resources in Women’s Studies (1993), which listed films, videos, slide shows, and audiocassettes produced from 1985 to1990. Before that, we published a section on “Nonprint Resources” in our twice-yearly bibliography New Books on Women, Gender & FeminismWAVE database entries for the early 1990s are those for which we could still find distributors in 2003-9. We no longer include new audiocassettes, film strips, or slide shows.

Please note that information on alternative media can rapidly become dated: prices go up; addresses and phone numbers change; new formats become available. It is always wise to verify availability, formats, price, and other details with the distributors of the materials.

Please note that WAVE is NOT a record of the holdings of the University of Wisconsin Libraries, nor are we a distributor for any material listed. To obtain an item or further information about it, contact the distributor listed. We provide the distributor’s name directly within the individual record, but further contact information is in a separate file maintained at http://womenst.library.wisc.edu/publications/WAVE-distributors.html. For many of the titles, in particular those we code as “distributor unknown,” it is worth doing searches of the web, or checking local libraries or directly with their producers.

We welcome updates from producers and distributors and announcements of new materials. Please send them to the Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian, University of Wisconsin System.

Additional Resources

For contact information of distributors of material listed in WAVE, see http://womenst.library.wisc.edu/publications/WAVE-distributors.html.


Managing editor: Karla J. Strand
General editor: Linda Fain
Former editor: Linda Shult

Compilers: Alanna Baldwin, Renee M. Beaudoin. Elzbieta Beck, Valerie T. Brink, Lynne C. Chase, Amy Dachenbach, Krista M. Debellis, Amy J. Derosier, Elizabeth Drake, Teresa Fernandez, Alicia C. Foster, Aimee Glassel, Melissa Gotlieb, Nicole Grapentine-Benton, Beth Harper, Madelyn Homuth, Beth Huang, Karen Jacob, Lisa L. Kaiser, Jennifer Kitchak, Christine Kuenzle, Ann C. Lauf, JoAnne Lehman, Hsin-Ju (Sharon) Lu, Ingrid Markhardt, Jill M. McCulley, Amy M. Naughton, Lija J. Ozols, Mary Photenhauer, Michelle Preston, Christa Reabe, Katie Roberts, Amy R. Rosenbrook, Heather Shimon, Christina M. Stross (Henige), Edith T. Thornton, Jessica Trumm, Caroline Vantine, Kelsey Wallner, Cynthia L. Weinert, and Melissa A. Young.


Please send all questions, comments, and updates concerning the content of WAVE to the Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian, University of Wisconsin System.

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