Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum

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Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of wood type. Hamilton Manufacturing began in Two Rivers, WI in 1880 and became the nation’s leader in the production of wood type used for newspaper headlines, posters, banners, broadsides and billboards. This working museum opened in 1999 and still makes type in the original manner. We teach classes in letterpress printing, host conferences, exhibit new and old work in our gallery and offer tours of the 45,000 square foot museum. Our retail store, Hamilton Dry Goods, sells posters and prints as well as related apparel, books and examples of newly cut type ornaments.

The Museum’s holdings of books, wood and metal type, hand presses, and printing equipment are part of a world class collection to preserve the history of American letterpress and printing heritage. Our partnership with the University of Wisconsin Library Digital Collections Center has allowed us to add the original journal and ledger books from Hamilton’s early history and share that bounty of hand-written entries to a world wide audience.