Wisconsin Emergency Management Images and Historic Materials

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WEMLogoThis collection presents images taken by emergency management officials in the aftermath of numerous disasters that have hit Wisconsin. It also includes images of emergency response training and other historic materials related to emergency preparedness.

Wisconsin is vulnerable to a variety of natural and technological hazards. Each year the state is hit by an average of 26 tornadoes and over 1,500 wildfires that threaten lives and property. Flooding along Wisconsin’s rivers is an annual rite of spring and summer that causes millions in property damage and forces families out of their homes. Train derailments, chemical spills, and other human-caused disasters affect our environment and our communities.

Emergency management officials work with responders to protect our citizens and help communities recover from these disasters. The mission of Wisconsin Emergency Management is to coordinate effective disaster response and recovery efforts in support of local governments. Through planning, training, and exercising, we prepare ourselves, our citizens, and response personnel to minimize the loss of life and property.

Wisconsin residents interested in learning how to prepare themselves and their families for emergencies can find more information at http://ready.wi.gov/.