Visual Materials in Mills Music Library

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This digital collection presents primarily photographs of musicians and music-related subjects held by Mills Music Library, dating from the late nineteenth century to the present. In addition to photographs, there are postcards, lithographic prints, advertising and promotional materials, posters, and other types of ephemera. Most of these items were collected in an ad hoc manner through the years and were not previously accessible or organized. Some materials also came to Mills Music Library as parts of specific collections.

The focus of this collection is musical activity in Wisconsin, although a small number of items reflect activity in nearby states, mainly Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota. To a large extent, these visual artifacts complement the archival collections of the Wisconsin Music Archives, also contained in Mills Music Library, and our extensive sound archive of musical recordings originating in Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. The musical heritage of Wisconsin is wide and deep, and here you will find visual documentation of this heritage, from Swiss yodeling to Les Paul.

Metadata for the images is as complete as possible, but in some cases it is rather incomplete. We would be happy to receive any further information about any of these items.

If you are looking for images of UW-Madison School of Music faculty, please contact the University Archives.