Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin

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WI.V047N02.i0001Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin, commonly known as Wisconsin Public Documents (WPD), consists of the annual and biennial reports of all important Wisconsin state agencies from 1852 through 1914. It was issued annually for 1852 to 1881/82 and biennially for 1882/84 through 1912/14. WPD is by far the most important collection of documents issued by the state of Wisconsin during this time period. In addition to the annual and biennial reports of various state officers, departments and institutions, WPD is a source for Wisconsin statistical tables, financial charts, vintage photographs, supplementary documents, maps, other graphics and research monographs on specific topics. Virtually all aspects of the social sciences in Wisconsin during the 1852-1914 timeframe are represented in this collection of 118 volumes which occupies nearly thirty linear feet in the paper format.

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“Seal of Wisconsin” by Svgalbertian. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.