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This is an index of items housed in the sheet music collection of the Wisconsin Music Archives at the Mills Music Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The collection contains music written by Wisconsin composers, published by Wisconsin publishers, and pieces whose subject matter is Wisconsin. The publications date from the late 1850s, extend to the present, and include principally, but not exclusively, popular music traditions. While the majority of pieces are songs, the database also includes music for piano, instrumental music, and choral music. English, of course, predominates, but a significant number of German language items can be found. Most items are published. While each item in the index retains a strong Wisconsin connection, many of the titles were published elsewhere in the United States and some were published simultaneously in Germany.

Currently, the total Wisconsin sheet music collection numbers approximately 3000 items with about 2800 items included in this index. Staff add titles to the index as time permits. Some records for selected compositions have associated images of original sheet music. Over time additional images may be added to the database

Circulation Policy

The Wisconsin Sheet Music Collection forms part of the Wisconsin Music Archives, a special collection in the Mills Music Library. Materials in the Archives are non-circulating but may be consulted in the library. Titles in the Wisconsin Sheet Music Collection are not included in MadCat and access is only through this database. Patrons wishing to consult materials in the collection should request specific titles/call numbers from the reference librarian on duty.

The Wisconsin Music Archives is one of several Special Collections in the Mills Music Library. Materials in the Archives are subject to the Guidelines for Use and Reproduction of Materials in the Special Collections of the General Library System of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Howard Kanetzke has spent years locating music to help build the sheet music collection and contributed many hours adding information to the database. The database was developed by Steve Sundell. Technical support was provided by Kirstin Dougan, Charles Dean, Sue Dentinger, and Adi Shrivastava.

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