Korean War Veterans of Mount Horeb

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The Korean War veterans who contributed to this project are Robert Murray, Wilburt Hefty, Glenn Spaay, Marshall Ruegger, Wayne Syvrud, and Cyril Burns. In addition to the interviews, these men also contributed pictures, papers, and documents collected in Korea.

A welcome addition to the overall collection was local photographer Cyril Burns’ color slides and black and white photographs. Many of these beautiful images were taken while he was stationed on White Horse Hill and give a unique perspective into the life of a young Lieutenant in Korea. We are very grateful to the Burns family for donating these images to the digital collection.

The stories these men share regarding their experiences in Korea delineate the sacrifices made all across America in small towns.


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We are very thankful to Eagle Optics of Madison for their generous donation, which funded this project in its entirety. We are also thankful to the professional staff at the University of Wisconsin’s Digital Collections Center for digitizing and hosting the Korean War Veterans of Mount Horeb.